Most of the time the importance of the brows is overlooked. From an aesthetic perspective the eyebrows are the frame of the face, and as any frame can make or break the final look of the face, making look sharp, angry, sad or gentle, soft, seductive, all depending on the way in which we care for them and shape them. 

There is more than one way to style brows, and the right style for you may be different then the one for someone else. So it is important to discover the right style that fits your style and personality and that would deliver the desired results. If you choose for something that is as temporary as makeup or something permanent as a PMU. 

Discover the brow services that AM Beauty Boutique offers:

brow waxing

Simple, fast and effective. The basic service for everyone




  •  waxen
  • epilate
  • trimming 
  • shaping
  • option for brow mapping
Brow coloring

 Polished brows without loosing the natural look





  • natural color dyes
  • to be combined with brow waxing
  • colors that lasts up to 3 week