A cosmetic pedicure is a beauty and therapeutic treatment for the toenails and feet. It involves removing dead skin, softening the skin, trimming and shaping the toenails, cutting back cuticles, and the optional application of polish. It is focused on providing space and time for pampering and relaxation. It is intended for women as for men and to be performed regularly, to ensure healthy feet. 

Prevention is always preferred to fixing. By having a pedicure monthly you ensure that your feet are taken care of, Nails trimmed, extra calluses removed,  feet moisturized. Of course some home care will still be required, to maintain the results, but this would be at a minimum, like using a feet cream or using once in a while a foot file or stone.

But what is AM Beauty Boutique standard classical pedicure?

I start with refreshing and  sanitizing the feet.  Afterwards nails are trimmed and brought in shape, cuticles are pushed back ,  manually and by the means of an electrical file. Callus softener is applied and then the Brazz Care hydrating socks are brought on, and the foot is left to sit in a warming boot that will amplify the effects of the products.

After the hydrating socks are removed, the extra product is wiped clean,  by means of electrical file , the rough skin is buffed smooth, followed by a hydrating scrub that  is massaged in the skin, the pedicure is finalized with a warm towel to remove all the unwanted product residue followed by a foot cream

For hygienic reasons , but not only, I made the switch to waterless pedicure. And by using  hydrating socks we have replaced the water bath for the soaking of the feet In order to facilitate the callus removal and as a result of their use you get to experience smooth and soft feel for days.

In order to maintain healthy feet, this service should be done at least once a month.

Do you have a bigger callus problem? No worries, you may opt for the extra Duribland callus removal. 

What is DUURIBLAND techniek ?

This techniek will make use of an callus softener that will facilitate the removal of calluses ( even the more stubborn ones) without using a knife, just by scraping it off.

Klassik pedicure

For men and women





  • suited for both men and women
  • nails trimmed
  • cuticle care
  •  hydrating feet socks
  • rough patches smoothed out 
  • foot scrub
  • moisturizing cream
  • adds on possible IBX, gellak or gel
extra Klassik pedicure



Duribland Extreme


For men and women




  • suited for both men and women
  • It can only be added in combination with a klassic pedicure, or the feet care
  • painless removal, no knives used in the process
  • Calluses, corns , dry skin removed
  • noticeable difference between before and after, looks and feel
  • skin stays souple and it doesn't get irritated
extra gellak / gel pedicure

Feet Care





  • It can only be added in combination with a gellak or gel pedicure
  • If you want to upgrade your gellak / gel pedicure to also get the benefits of a klassic pedicure
  •  this extra can be combined with the Duribland  or Duribland Extreme extra
Gel Pedicure

When nail repair is needed or you want unlimited options




  • nails trimmed
  • cuticle care
  • possibility to expand the service to a classical pedicure.
  • no dry time
  • choose from a collection of 1000 colors 
  • possibility for Nail art
  • possibility for nail reconstruction with esthetic purposes
  • you may add IBX as add on