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BIAB manicure/ NN (natural nail) treatment doesn’t differentiate itself very much from a Gellak Manicure. The Basics are the same with some very important differences.

BIAB stand for builder in a bottle, so technically it is a builder gel and not a  gellak. The resemblance with a gellak Is in the fact that it is a soak off product witch gives us the same benefits like a gellak when it comes the benefits of removing the product. Comparing with the standard Gel systems where we need to fille the product away to remove it, this bring higher chances of damage to the natural nail.

This is the next step in strength and flexibility, it is stronger then a gellak and more flexible then a gel. Because of this combination of strength and flexibility it is a system that works great for every short nails, even in the more difficult cases like nail bitters*.

Even though it is a stronger product then a gellak, it is still not strong enough to sustain a long nail. The moment the nail grows over the fingertip, it is up to your life style and natural nail condition how good it will hold , the same like in the case of Gellak.

In most of the cases , it can be worn longer then a Gellak, but that doesn’t mean you should do that. In case of neglect , or intentional pulling away the product, it could  bring significant  damage to the natural nail.

Even though it is a builder gel, we do not offer nail extensions using BIAB / NN treatment. The high flexibility and lack of strength comparing to a gel, doesn’t make it a good option for nail extensions.

Like in the case of Gellak , you my add as extra the IBX treatment, witch will give an extra boost to the natural nail.

Because of the way the product is removed, you can easily swith from gellak to BIAB / NN Treatment, keeping in mind that there will be a difference in how long you can wear them.

I advise this treatment:

  • To anyone who would like natural looking short nails
  • To anyone who has very weak nails
  • Nail biter, once they have decided they will do the  effort  to stop biting and start caring for their nails, in combination with IBX