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 All nails services like Gellak, Biab, Gel or Acryl Nails, have the following basics:

  • If not a new set, removal of old product
  • Dry manicure
  • Product application included one basic color

Everything more then that is an Extra. For example more then one color, French or glitter application. Please keep in mind you make your appointment since the time you book with a basic service do not give any extra time for extras.

If you would like to expand your service you may book the following Extras:

  • Color +
  • French / babyboom
  • Nail art easy
  • Nail art medium
  • Nail art difficult

Even though you can book all this extra options with all kind of services , but  please keep in mind that not everything goes with everything. Certain techniques are not compatible with gellak, or require a long nail.

But what does this all mean?

Color +

In case you may want to choose more then one color. You can choose up to 3 different colors.

Under this option you can also choose for example one base color and another gellak or gel color to bring over as an “effect “

All top special effects top coats applied on a single simple color and Tiger/cat eye colors fall under this category.

What does not include – any fantasy or effect nails.

Available for all types of manicure

French / babyboom

French is the technique of using a cover ( nude , skin like color) as a base to mask the nail bed and a colored smile line on the tip of the nail. This line can be white , but cand also be a color or an effect.

To keep in  mind, this technique is best on medium long or long nails. Also the thickness of the line is determined by the length of the nail.

This technique is not available for nail baiters. Also I will not perform this technique if the nails are not suitable, since I cannot guarantee the expected result.

Available with

BIAB, Gel and Acryl Nails

Babyboom technique is the use of a nude and soft white colors that are blended together in a soft degrade, starting from the nude at the base of the nail and transitioning to the soft white at the free edge of the nail.

This is a technique that can be used as a replacement for the classic French, that would be unflattering on some nails.

This technique is not possible on very short nail beds, or very wide and short nails. Also this is no possible in combination with gellak manicure.

Available with

Gel or Acryl nails

Nail art easy/ medium/ difficult

This extra option, actually is just a way to book the time that is necessary to perform the nail art. This is not  a reflection of the end price. Based on the technique used and the number of nails done you can determine the end price.

Any type of manicure that contains nail art will start with 5euro +. On top of that will come the charge of the executed techniques and will be added with that basic  nail art price.

For a more exact price , please send me a picture of the nail art that you  desire and I can let you know if I will be able to perform that nail art and what the nail art end price will be.


On all type of manicure.

Keep in mind that there are exceptions, and certain techniques are required to achieve a certain result. That will say that sometimes we need to work in gel or acryl in order to achieve a certain look and that would not be possible in gellak or BIAB.