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Both Gel and Acryl Systems are systems that help create nail enhancements.

A nail enhancement is any material that can add length or strength to the natural nail, that can be either extensions (adding length) or on natural nail (on the existing length in order to add strength).

Even though they are not the same , they do serve the same purpose and the choice of one over the other is not based on witch system is better, but witch system fits you better.

This systems give a lot of possibilities when it comes to bring to life your dream nails. Both systems hold best on healthy natural nails. Having very weak natural nails might be a problem when it comes to wear nail enhancements.

Because they are both hard systems they work best with  longer nails, longer then the fingertip. A small or short nail, is not impossible it will just not be as strong as it should be. Gel and Acrylic nails are build with an architecture in order to hold a certain length depending on the natural shape of the nail and the desired shaped to be achieved, if there is not enough length that would make the task difficult or impossible, ending in weak nail enhancements (extension or on natural nails).

We can create beautiful long nails , but to have healthy nails , the end result should be determined by keeping in mind the natural nail, how strong it is and the shape and length of the nail bed.

Both are systems that require a commitment. I strongly discourage to wear once in a while nail enhancements. This systems work best when they are redone regularly and on time, ensuring that the natural nails does not suffer too much damage.

They should be redone regularly at 21 days (3 weeks) when the nails have an outgrowth but still in good condition (if your nails grow fast that can be even sooner ).  After this mark, the balance of the nails is outgrown and the nail enhancement are no longer as strong as they used to be. This is the moment that a lot of accidents happen and a lots of damage is noticed by the client. Be on time with your appointments in order to prevent nail damage.

Because we remove the product mechanically this systems have the greatest chance of nail damage. That is also the reason this systems is not good for a one time type of manicure (There are exceptions of course where it is still worth the risks). After removing the enhancements the nails need to fully regrow witch can take from 3 to 6 months, where they will require extra attention and care due to the thinning of the nails due to mechanical removal.

This systems are great to wear for long periods of time even years. They require discipline and commitment, and an attention on how you use your nails for the best wear. The nails keep on growing (hence the outgrowth) so you would have a entire new nails every 3 to 6 month. If the enhancements are cared for and there is little to no damage, they will not damage the natural nail. The only time you should take a break is because:

  • You do not have time to be on time with your appointments
  • Due to different reason the enhancements do not hold as they should and they break too often and too fast, leading to damage to the natural nail.

In this cases a break is not 2 weeks but 3- 6 months, giving the time for the nails to fully regenerate.

The natural nail is influenced by your health and other factors and might change over the years , even without wearing  enhancements, so those changes would also influence the way the enhancements will hold.

For the best wear, a team effort is needed, the client and the nail technician are working together to build and maintain the enhancements in the best state possible and look after the health of the natural  nail. Therefore I do not recommend changing your nail salon after each set. Finding the best option for you, in terms of shape and system can be a trial and error solution. Having a good communication with your technician, and being realistic in your expectations is very important in wear of nails enhancements for a long term.

What are Gel Nails?

Or Hard Gels – This is another name that describes a traditional gel enhancement that is solvent resistant. “Hard” may refer to the gel being non-porous and needing to be filed off for removal. Hard gels are sculpting gels and they can come in many different viscosities (meaning thicknesses). Hard gels cannot be soaked off, they must be filed off to remove.

Gel nail enhancements are cured (dry / harden) in a UV/LED lamp.

What are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylics are a type of nail enhancement where liquid monomer and polymer powder is combined to create a slurry. That slurry is then applied to the nail and within seconds cures to a hard finish to provide durability and if desired, added nail length.

Acrylic nail enhancements cure( dry/harden) in air, without the use of a lamp or other device.