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Gellak manicure is a beauty treatment for the nails where after a dry manicure the treatment is finished with the application of a semi-permanent nail polish also called gellak.

Gellak is a soak off product that is specially made to adhere to the natural nail. The application is no different then a normal nail polish: Base, color , top coat. The difference is that the product is cured under an UV/ LED lamp that dries the product in matter of seconds. Once the service is finished you may go back to your daily life tasks without fearing the chance of destroying fresh nail polish.

This treatment is perfect for short nails, but it will not last as long or support a longer nail. The product is a flexible one , that will bend with your natural nail , as needed, but it is not strong enough to support a nails beyond the tip of the finger. Someone with strong healthy nails might be able to wear a semi-permanent nail polish up to a certain length, but that is not the case in most situations. Keeping your nails at a comfortable length, by filling them on a regular basis, will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your gellak manicured nails at the extent of their possibilities

The gellak needs a healthy nails as a base for the best lasting results. That being said the time that the product will last on your nails is in strict relationship with the quality of your nails, lifestyle and if home maintenance of the nails is done regularly. You may expect that your Gellak manicure can last from 2 weeks up 4 weeks based on the factors mentioned before.

The technique used to remove the product make the treatment least damaging for the nails, if the required care and attention was provided since the application of the product. To remove the product I use a combination of filling and soaking of the product using a gellak removal liquid, ensuring that the nails are  going to have to endure minimal damage.

By this treatment you may add as extra an IBX treatment. This combination will provide the extra care that your natural nails need, but also could provide the extra support that your natural nails need so that your gellak manicure would last

I ADVISE this treatment

  • to anyone who wants to have groomed nails, they want to have manicured short nails , and still be able to  choose from a large variety of colors;
  • For those who are looking for lasting nails for a one time event like a vacation trip;
  • Anyone who wants very thin looking nails ( keeping in mind that means also less strong comparing to other systems like gel)