House Rules

  1. Making an appointment
    1. Appointment by new clients HAVE to be done online. 
    2. Appointment by existing clients can be done online, phone or msg, WHATSAPP.
    3. Recommendation appointments can be done online and only by the existing client, who is referring someone, by phone or msg. Be careful! because in case that the referral is not respecting the canceling and rescheduling terms , this will bring the penalties also to the client who made the referral. 
  1. Canceling or rescheduling an appointment
    1. The client  will receive a reminder, msg and email 3 days prior to the client appointment. This allows the client to check again hers/ his availability and make the necessary changes if needed. 
    2. The client may cancel or reschedule an appointment online up to 48h prior to his/hers appointment without any additional cost or further restrictions.
    3. Any cancellations made between 48h and 24h before an appointment, will require 50% prepayment for ALL FURTHER appointments.
    4. Any cancellations made up to 24h prior the appointment , will require 100% prepayment for ALL FURTHER appointments
    5. Any rescheduling made between 48h and 24h before an appointment will require 50% prepayment for the rescheduled  appointment. 
    6. Any rescheduling made up to 24h prior the appointment will require 100% prepayment for the rescheduled appointment.
    7. The client may reschedule online up to 2 times the same booking. The 3rd time will lead to the cancelation of the appointment made and you will be required a 50% prepayment for All Future appointments
    8. In case of sickness or accident you may cancel last minute without any penalties only if you can provide a proof dated on with the same date as your appointment. Doctor attest, or emergency attest or other kind of proof. This has to be sent by email within 48h. If you fail to send the proof in the required time, in 48h, the rescheduled appointment will be canceled and a prepayment of 100% will be required for ALL FUTURE APPOINTMENTS.
    9. The prepayment can be done online while booking the appointment or a prepayment request can be sent via email, or via bank transfer. If you choose to pay via bank transfer a proof of payment has to be provided within 24h.
    10. In case of on time cancelation the client will receive a voucher for the prepaid amount available 1 year.
    11. The client may request via email a refund, administration costs will be charged. This cost may vary. 
    12. If the client fails to cancel or reschedule his/hers appointment, on time the client will lose his/ her prepaid amount as compensation.  
    13. For bookings made between 48h and 24h before an appointment, 50% of the value of the appointment will be charged as a prepayment . If you book up to 24h before an appointment, 100% of the value will be charged as a prepayment. In both cases, no cancelation or rescheduling is possible
    14. In case the client paid 50% of the appointment and cancel up to 24h prior to the appointment the client will have to pay for all FUTURE APPOINTMENTS a prepayment of 100% 
    15. In case the client already paid 100% of the appointment, and there is a price difference, the client will receive a voucher for the remaining amount. 
  1. Unforeseen circumstances 
    1. Respect your appointment time. Be on time, rather earlier than later. One client too late can shuffle the entire day schedule. The client has the responsibility to notify AM Beauty Boutique if they will run late. 
    2. In case of delay due to traffic of problems with buses or trams please notify AM Beauty Boutique on time, before your appointment. 
    3. In case of an accident on your way, that will disturb the normal travelling time, please notify AM Beauty Boutique on time. This can lead to a rescheduling of the appointment if the delay is more than 10 min. This will not bring any penalties and it will be the decision of AM Beauty Boutique to reschedule or not. If the client decides that he/she will not be able to come due to personal reasons this will be seen as a last minute cancelation and it will bring the according penalties. 
    4. If the client is  not on time, please notify AM Beauty Boutique, call or send a msg, even an email. If the client fails to notify AM Beauty Boutique and the client is 15min sharp or more too late, this will be seen as  NO SHOW.
    5. In case of NO SHOW , all future appointments require 100% prepayment.
    6. If the previous appointment is in overtime, the next appointment will not be cancelled. The client has the right to ask for a rescheduling if the delay is more than 15 min and this will lead to exceed the allocated time for the appointment and would interfere with other personal engagements. The client should announce before the appointment starts if he/she has other commitments following his/hers session, so that they can be rescheduled for another time in case of delays of more than 15min from the AM Beauty Boutique’s side
    7. If AM Beauty Boutique cancels or asks 1 time for a rescheduling up to 48 h or up to 24h before your appointment you will have the right to request the same privilege in the future 1 time as an exception or Joker. Jokers can be accumulated but they are not transferable . This is not available in case of a booking made via Treatwell, only for appointments made on This exception will be noted in your client file and you may request at any time to use it. This has no expiration date. 
  1. Client registration
    1. ALL clients have to have a client account on to ensure that all necessary agreements and compliances are acknowledged and signed. 
    2. The client has the right to refuse this step, but unfortunately AM Beauty Boutique will not take the risk of going further to perform a service, without all requirements being met. The client will still be charged 50% of the booked service as compensation for the time booked.
    3. When you book via, AM Beauty Beautique will make the same appointment via, therefore the client will be added as a client as well on Treatwell. 
    4. The client may request to not have an account on Treatwell. In case the client will still book via Treatwell and will be registered as a new client, the client will be penalized with a 35% fee of the value of the appointment
  1. The appointment 
    1. Make the right appointment. In case of doubt, call or inquire for more information. AM Beauty Boutique is not responsible if the client books the wrong service.
    2. In case of prepayment there will not be a refund, in case of a difference in price, if the service the client booked will be changed.
    3. The client may request an add on at the time of the service or extra services, but this can be denied if not booked or if the necessary time is not available. Make sure as a client to book the right service.
    4. The client may bring his/hers own beverage, food is not allowed. 
    5. Keep your beloved at home. The surface of the studio is small so we are not equipped and prepared to welcome your loved ones.
    6.  Exceptionally under special circumstances you may bring your pet or child. Any damages or mess made by them will be charged. 
    7. We reserve the right to refuse clients in case they do not respect any of the previous points. The cost of the appointment will be fully charged. 
    8. Am Beauty Boutique has the responsibility to clearly communicate any changes in the price of the service or any paid add ons to the service, and the client has to agree in order to go further with the service and the additional add on. 
    9. In the case of nail art that is custom made (e.g. see picture from [insert link] / displayed online), note that the price is not fixed. AM Beauty Boutique may give a variable price, but it is not its responsibility to make the price before the execution of the nail art. AM Beauty Boutique has the responsibility to assess and give an estimated difficulty level which will lead to an approximate price class.
    10. The client is responsible to raise any questions during the service. AM Beauty Boutique has the responsibility to inform all clients about the service performed and aftercare. 
    11. AM Beauty Boutique will take responsibility for the quality of the service that has to follow the standard of AM Beauty Boutique. Get yourself informed what the service standard is in order to know what to expect.
    12. AM Beauty Boutique will not change his/hers protocols in order to match a different salons’ technique or standards.
  1. Payment and prepayment 
    1. In the salon the  client has to have available one of the accepted payment methods: cash or mobile payment/ payconiq
    2. All prepayments have to finalized 24h before the appointment. 
    3. Online payments accepted are PayPal, payment request sent by email Bancontact , credit cards, Ideal.
  1. Nails
    1. The client has the responsibility to communicate clearly what she/he wants. Any miscommunication issue may not be charged on the responsibility of AM Beauty Boutique. 
    2. Pigments can change under outside influence, like temperature, chemical products like Bleach water, or UV rays, sun and tanning bed.  
    3. The client has a 1 week warranty for any damage on any salon set, except in case of direct hit on the nails. 
    4. The recommended time for any refill is 3 weeks;
    5. Any damage or any other problems that can arise afterwards is entirely the client's responsibility for not following the direct recommendations of aftercare advice.
  1. Appointment changes
    1. AM Beauty Boutique reserves the right to refuse to perform a service if the client doesn’t meet the requirements, which would lead to other complications. Another service more suitable for the client’s needs would be performed instead. In case of prepayment, if there is a downgrading of the price of the service, the difference would be changed in a voucher 1 year available. If the client decides to not go further with any service, the prepaid amount will not be returned and instead will be seen as a last minute cancelation. 
    2. If AM Beauty Boutique decides that there is no other alternative to the refused service, the appointment will no longer go further and in case of prepayment this will be restituted as a voucher 1 year available.
  1. Regular customers
    1. All customers that are visiting AM Beauty Boutique for at least 1 year on a regular interval of maximum every 2 months are considered regular customers.
    2. Exceptionally, after contacting AM Beauty Boutique personally with a valid explanation a regular client may cancel or reschedule last minute 1 to maximum 2 times a year.